I’ve always wanted to reduce the file size of the screenshots I take from preview(in macOS). I usually copy-paste stuff to OneNote, so I needed to reduce the file sizes.

In this workflow, I can simply take a screenshot, and within like 3 seconds, the screenshot will be compressed and copied to the clipboard.

Head over to Automator to create the folder action:

Now select/create a new folder to which the screenshots will be saved (I created a new folder in documents and changed the location to which the screenshots are saved — https://www.macworld.co.uk/how-to/mac-software/change-where-mac-screenshots-saved-3682381/)

Then select “Run Shell Script” and…

Hi, so ever since I got the Touch Bar version, I was wondering how to add shortcuts to it without installing any other 3rd party tools. So here’s a simple way you can do it.

In this tutorial, I’ll be guiding how you can add folder and website shortcut URLs to your Touch Bar.

There’s something called quick actions for macOS. So, there are Touch Bar quick actions as well. All you need to do is make an extension.

First of all, I configured my Touch Bar to look like this (removed Siri shortcut— always triggers accidentally):


Step 1

To configure…

Here I am on the last day of the decade, 2010–2019, things have changed hell of a lot!

2010, I was in grade 8 — marching in the junior western band, engaging in activites in the young inventors club. (Remember how my invention was shattered(a glass thingie) the day before the evaluation day #JIY)

2019, A university student, (with an incomplete semester ahead). projects, assignments while hearing fireworks as people celebrate the new year.

Well, I’m telling this to my future self. -> 31st December 2019 (2/2) was a bad day.

This was a day when, how hard(haven’t tried hard…

(Massive MineCraft Structure: Image courtesy of crpeh.)

—This was originally published on Ramith’s blog

It was 12.05pm, and I was in my Electronics II lecture. Knowing that the time is right for our online gathering, I left the hall with my earphones. Soon, all five of us were in our weekly online meeting. It was our gathering of ScholarX mentees…

Originally published on → Ramith’s Blog

I was so surprised by the fact that most coding/math books had the same typography system in it. (nice consistent fonts, pages, numbers etc.) Then I found out that most scientific documents were compiled in LaTeX (even our lecture slides for some modules) and I started doing some experiments with it. Well, as I got to know from my fellow brothers, learning every single syntax was not an efficient way to get started. So I figured that I should actually create something using it. Semester 2 Lab Project report was a nice place…

This article was originally posted on my bloghttps://blog.ramith.fyi/static/creating-a-sustainable-blog/index.html

Over the years, I have used various cloud providers to host my kiddy versions of my websites/blogs. However due to my lack of continuity, those faded away. If I take a closer look as to why those didn’t exist quite long, these facts include,

  • Drop of Motivation
  • Issues with the web hosting
  • Forgetting passwords to deploy changes
  • Focusing on the appearance rather than content
  • Constantly changing between various CMS.

Fast forward to today, I realised that the best way to maintain my blog is to host it on Github pages…

This is a Brain Game which can be played by two players. In this project the two players are YOU & Edison!

Yup, you have to play with an AI (kind of..can’t call it an Ai :P) which plays optimally in each move, who is trying to beat you! so here’s a challenge by the Intel Edison..

Can You Beat Me? | -Intel Edison…

In simple terms here’s the game statement, 1.There are n numbers in a line displayed on the LCD. (n is even). 2.Two players (you & Edison) take turns to take a number from one of the…

Firstly, I would like to thank Intel for sending me an Intel Edison as I was curious about this epic piece of hardware.

Intel Edison Size Comparison

I tried simple programs on Intel Edison like controlling an LED through a node.js app(a simple one) & was wondering what if I could make something using the motion sensing device “Leap Motion” (Got a developer kit when it was in alpha stage).

Finally I could create a simple program to trigger an LED bulb by just waving my hand over the Leap Motion sensor.

ISSC is an annual event, organized by the South Asia Regional Computer Confederation (SEARCC), that is being held in one of the member countries in the region with the aim of bringing out problem solving and programming talents in school students in a competitive environment, within international standards. This competition also provides an opportunity for students from the Asia Pacific Region to meet and exchange valuable experience in the field of ICT.

The International Schools’ Software Competition (ISSC) hosted by the Indian Computer Society was held in Chennai India from 9th to 12th October 2014.

Sri Lanka Team A was placed 3rd and Team B got the 4th position.

Team A: Mudith Witharama Sadeep Dharshana Ramith Hettiarachchi

Team B: Thisura Dodangoda Pasindu Chathuranga Nuwan Jaliyagoda

Sri Lanka Team A

Our team at ruhsoft created the sinhala tranliteration app which was the First offline Singlish app for windows 8.1.

You can get the app FREE from the Windows Store

Easily snap the app & multitask

Ramith Hettiarachchi

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